Open Angel is an open-source educational platform where experienced professionals can learn how to angel invest in early-stage startups

Why Open Angel?

Angel investors are more than financial backers; they are catalysts for change, bringing diverse perspectives and expertise to the table. Without them many of the products and services we use everyday would not exist.

When we started Angel Investing School, our goal was to share this vision of angel investing through our public and corporate courses and have done so for the past four years. But we slowly realised that to scale our impact we would need to reach more individuals.
After successfully training 600+ angel investors around the world we created Open Angel to share the best of what we have learned from seasoned investors and operators in an easy and accessible way.

Meet some of our experts
Our experts have built their brands as angel investors, founders and thought leaders within the UK startup ecosystem.

Andy Ayim

Founder, executive coach and angel investor.

Tim Deeson

Exited founder, CEO, board membe and angel investor.

Anika Henry

An expert in partnerships and programming and angel investor.

Cien Solon

AI expert, co-founder and angel investor.

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