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Deep dive into the basics of angel investing with our videos and resources.  

Understand what angel investing is, how it differs from venture capital and some of the key risks to be aware of when investing.

An overview the main steps in the angel investing process from sourcing deals and screening, to due diligence, investing and post-investment support.

You don’t start by investing in startups, it starts with understanding what drives and motivates you.

To understand the founder journey, it is critical for investors to meet founders where they are and nurture a genuine relationship.

Your investment thesis is a set of guiding principles to help you decide what type of startups you will invest in and why.

A breakdown of how to allocate your funds, to make the most of your money and diversify your risk.

Fundraising rarely happens overnight, it is a journey with a number of steps involved from reviewing pitch decks to reviewing (or approving) deal terms and legal documents.

Entrepreneurs are everywhere, but it is impossible to look everywhere as an investor for deals. Learn how to build strategic relationships to access great deals.

Learn our two-step method for reviewing pitch decks efficiently.

SEIS & EIS are two of the most important tax incentive schemes available to UK angel investors. Learn when and how to make the most of them.

There are a number of key legal documents and important terms that angel investors should become familiar with.

Investing into startups has its pros and cons. Learn about the process and how to manage your investments.

Special Purpose Vehicles are a legal entity that allow you to collectively invest into startups alongside others.

Angel syndicate groups are a collective of angel investors that invest in startups together. It provides a great place to start for new investors.

Before you fundraise, it is important to understand the journey ahead and what it entails.

The fundraising process has a number of steps in it from sharing your pitch deck through to closing your round.

Understanding the mindset of an angel investor is important for founders, so that they can tell their story in the most appealing way.

Pitch decks are a communication tool meant to convey a compelling story about your company.

Angel investors can sometimes be challenging to find without the right connections and outreach methods.

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